The queen of changes, vivid colors and rosy infancies is here and it is called SPRING! The perfect season for restructuring our beauty routine has begun, therefore we should not waste any minute without having found the tips of an amazing personal care in order to feel and look good every single day.

More than any other season, in this period of the year I have a high tendency in trying a lot of products for skin care. This happens mostly because, after a cold season, the skin needs high hydration and clearing to recover its shine, smoothness and elasticity, so I try my best to find those products or treatments which will succeed in serving me all these attributes.

I have a combination skin, which means that just a part of my face is oily (forehead, nose and chin), while the rest of it is dry, so I use a simple argil mask once a week for cleaning my face. My everyday cleaning routine consists of using cleansing milk, a refreshing cleansing gel (sometimes I choose a face wash scrub gel) and of course, a moisturizing face cream. And the classic recipe for skin beauty: lots of water glasses!

nude lips

Moving on make-up routine, this season my favorite product is by far the warm bronzer. I use it almost every day and lately I have given up on blush and use it apiece because it gives both mellow color and shimmer. For eye shadows I choose neutral colors and sometimes pink or lavender nuances, and definitely false lash effect mascara for extension. For evening make-up, metallic colors or classic smokey eye stands up for a bold look.


Lipstick not lip stain. Almost every single time. No matter what time it is. This choice comes as a result of a “less is more” rule I have, so glossy lip stains come out of the question. In terms of nuances, I’d rather go for peach, frappuccino and cherry colors, although red never goes out of date!


How can we forget about hair? We can’t and we don’t. I could not imagine this spring without curvy waves, buns and… the ravishing braids. All that brushed up with colorful headbands, or oversized flower accessories. However, multicolored stands-by, I am increasingly sure that orange will be my new favorite color this season!

 colorful headband


sunflower bun